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Free License Terms:

Acknowledgement: When starting this business, it was important that people could use my music for free in a way that would benefit in a fair and value driven way. By viewing this page you acknowledge the terms of Kashou’s free license set out below.

You May:

  • Make 1 song with the free beat you download
  • Upload your song to YouTube & Soundcloud only
  • Link your song to your other social medias freely as you wish
  • Stream your song up to a total of 10,000 streams/plays across YouTube & Soundcloud
  • Promote your song as you wish (Plays on promotions are not counted towards the total)
  • Have unlimited free downloads of your song
  • Monetise your songs plays/streams on YouTube & Soundcloud
  • Make 1 music video maximum
  • Edit, cut, splice, rearrange the beat to make your own song
  • Use the beat for background music for your podcast, video, narration etc as long as it can be viewed/listened to on YouTube

You May Not:

  • Make more than 1 song with the free beat you download
  • Upload your music to anywhere other than YouTube & Soundcloud
  • Exceed the maximum allowed amount of streams (10,000)
  • Sell or profit in any way from copies of your song, other than monetising streams on YouTube & Soundcloud
  • Sell the beat as if it were your own. This is highly illegal.

You Must:

  • Credit “Kashou” in your upload to YouTube & Soundcloud. The credit must be included in the description and in your song title. If it is not a song and is being used for background music, a credit in the description is all that is required.

Learn About Beat Licensing

If you’ve never purchased a beat license before, you may be confused about how the whole thing works.

That’s why I wrote this guide to help artists like you get started.